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A&M Medical Billing And Coding, we take pride in being a Maine-based company that extends our revenue cycle management services to physicians and medical billing companies nationwide. Our primary objective is to enable them to concentrate on patient care and streamline their operations, freeing them from the burden of paperwork.

Since our establishment in 2020, we’ve been committed to delivering exceptional services at reduced costs, which has allowed us to retain our valued customers. As a trusted medical billing outsourcing company, we’ve played a pivotal role in helping our clients expand their businesses by providing them with the necessary resources to thrive while maintaining a competitive edge in today’s ever-evolving healthcare industry.

Best In The Industry

A&M, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that encompass electronic health records, billing solutions, and practice management tools – providing you with a one-stop solution for your healthcare needs. Our commitment to being an industry leader extends to our pricing, ensuring you receive excellent value. But what truly sets us apart is our dedication to providing personalized support for each and every client.

We take pride in not only meeting but exceeding our customers’ expectations. While we value our history, our primary focus is on the future of healthcare. With top-tier customer service and one of the highest success rates for reimbursement, you can rest assured that your hard-earned money will find its way back into your pocket, where it rightfully belongs.

A&M Medical Billing And Coding

A&M Medical Billing And Coding mission is to be a trusted and valued healthcare partner offering advanced revenue cycle management services with dedication and integrity.

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